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Jun 02, 2023
Identify the choice that best completes the two questions. Supply rationale for your answer.


Which statement describes motivational interviewing (MI)?
a. A set of communication techniques to be mastered

b. An easy new way to obtain assessment information

c. A method to reduce the amount of time to provide care

d. A communication style that uses the language of change

Answer: _____

2. How does the transtheoretical model of change affect motivational interviewing (MI)?

a. It really has no impact on MI.

b. It can be used in place of MI techniques.

c. It helps patients resolve inner ambivalence and make plans to sustain behavior change.

d. The influence of the model of change depends on the patient’s willingness to change.

Answer: _____

Each discussion question will be answered individually by each learner. Contributions will be thoughtful, scholarly, and show comprehensive understanding for the discussion topics. Proper use of current APA guidelines, citations, and reference of evidence-based sources

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