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Jun 02, 2023

Week 4
Provide ONE 2-3 page paper addressing both of the following topics.

Point out Walmart’s continuous improvement tools and techniques used in problem solving supporting sustainable operations. This should include topics such as lean techniques, quality management, TQM and JIT (LOG310).

How does Walmart manage the interrelationships among strategic support and operational logistics as related to the logistics functions of business involved in the movement and storage of supplies, work-in-progress, and finished goods? (LOG320).

Week 5
Provide ONE 2-3 page paper addressing both of the following topics.

What are Walmart’s supply chain strategies to operate domestically and globally with emphasis on how they plan and integrate supply chain components into a coordinated system? Does Walmart use key tactics such as risk pooling, inventory placement, integrated planning, collaboration, information sharing, or other tactics? If so, please describe. Are other tactics used? (LOG430).

How does Walmart leverage the transportation industry providers, users, and government agencies? How does Walmart address public policy issues along with managerial strategies in both the micro and/or macroeconomic issues in the transportation industry? (LOG440).

Week 6
Provide ONE 2-3 page paper addressing both of the following topics.

How does Walmart leverage their value chain and innovation cycles from conceptualization, technical feasibility, design specification, materials sourcing and product marketing, and implementation? How does Walmart gain strength in their distribution, warehousing, and inventory management while taking into consideration the economic impact? (LG450).

Does Walmart have International carrier operations and/or sourcing strategies for import, export and distribution of materials and finished goods? Where are Walmart’s Facility locations…and why? What are Walmart’s stakeholder roles in supply chain management? (LG460).

Week 7
Part 1 – Separate Submissions

Provide a 2-3 page paper addressing the following topic.

How does Walmart’s operations management act as a Lean strategic player in their organization? (LG499).

Part 2 – Separate Submissions

Consolidate your work from Weeks 1-7 into one major applied research paper. Don’t just cut and paste. Be sure to include feedback from the instructor from prior weeks. Provide an introduction to the entire paper. Provide discussion and conclusions. Let the instructor know your understanding not only of logistics at Walmart, but also of logistics in general.

This paper should be between 15-20 pages (approx. 3750-5000 words.)

Be sure to consolidate all references used from previous parts of Capstone Project when presenting your research paper.

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