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Jun 05, 2023
Final Project:
The final project asks you to use the course readings to build some kind of resource about one or of the ongoing themes/concepts we have tracked together: it should be a zine. The project should include a two-page description of your project and a Bibliography of the sources that you used for your project.
The project should consist of a zine/infographic that uses W.E.B. Du Bois’s readings reflect a solid understanding of afrofuturism. The zine should be guided off of the question: How does W.E.B. Du Bois’s exploration of Afrofuturism in his writings contribute to our understanding of Black identity, liberation, and cultural empowerment in the context of the early 20th century? Comparing and contrasting the readings etc. Based on the readings provided below and outside sources.
Please use the project proposal attached down bellow to guide you through the project
Grading rubric for the project:
Student has used the course readings to construct a project about one or more of the ongoing themes/ideas we have tracked together this semester
Student’s project reflects a solid understanding of Afrofuturism
Student has turned in a 2-page description of the project
Student has turned in a Bibliography that includes 3-5 sources; at least 1 source is an outside source (not from readings provided)
Bibliography includes full bibliographic information and is formatted according to MLA, Chicago, APA, or another citation style
Purdue Online Writing Lab – Citation Guide:
Instructions might look confusing if so please ask questions!
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