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Mar 15, 2023

Four lenses is a relatively new phenomenon in this field, before it other methods were used like 2 lense and single lense which gave somme slightly different results

The four lenses namely history, social science, natural science, and humanities can help in expanding their view and thinking about space exploration. Historians utilize primary sources such as documents, artifacts, and photographs from an era. The utilization of these sources depends on secondary sources such as journal articles and history books. For example, from a historical perspective, the examination of space exploration may involve an array of artifacts such as recorded interviews with astronomers and astronauts, video recordings of astronauts in outer space or launching of aircraft, and documents from space organizations. A historian will consider all the sources and study how various events play a role and have influenced the understanding of space exploration. The humanity view boosts an understanding of culture, experiences, and values through media. In the humanities lens, the cultural works act as a primary source to examine place and time. It also allows an understanding of the role of science in human culture. For example, science fiction can help in space exploration. Social science is the examination of the relationship between the individuals and the society. Studying human relationships, societies, and culture help in understanding the ways individuals live and can improve their lives. When various cultures are studied, social science can interact with different lenses such as a history lens to gain information on social relationships. A sociologist may study the policy development process and what roles individuals play in impacting this phenomenon. For example, scholars may notice various discussions around the world while looking at the policies development of international space debris. Natural science is the examination of the life and the physical world. It utilizes particular processes to predict, describe, and observe the world. For example, natural scientists may study the ways in which the persistent exposure to zero gravity has affected the bodily movements of astrologers when they return to the Earth.

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