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May 20, 2023
In 1925, teacher John Scopes was arrested, charged and went to trial for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution. The story and film Inherit the Wind, drew from some of the trial material itself, but also has a story line added to it.
You will need to:
a. Watch the film Inherit the Wind, using the Spencer Tracy version.
b. How is the Bible central to the story in the film itself? What is one controversy you noticed in the film?
c. Look up two articles about the event itself. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA unless you seek its resources to visit.
d. In what ways do you think the articles explain what may have been the issue in regard to the conflict between creationism and evolution?
e. Overall, how does this film and the articles help you to understand the dynamics of interpretation of the Bible either literally or metaphorically?
f. Select one of the Five Characteristics of Marianist Education. How is it evident in the film in either a positive or negative manner, or both?
The Five Characteristics of Marianist Education
• Formation in Faith
This course seeks to understand the Bible both as a book of faith and as a literary document that can be and should be understood in its historical context. Knowledge of the Bible’s universal aspects leads to an integration of wisdom in personal and communal life.


• Provide a quality, integral education
In this course, students will study critically study the Bible’s main themes and message through the use of exegesis and eisegesis, learning how the text informs Truth.

• Educate in the Family Spirit
This course will engage students in the process of sharing information and working together in studying the Bible as a book of faith and literature with its various themes that pertain to relationship.

• Educate for service, justice and peace
The foundation of this course the message of the Bible that itself advocates service, justice and peace.

• Educate for adaptation and change
Students will engage in the process of learning how the view and understanding of the Bible as the Word of God has addressed its original context and has sought to better express its applicability for today’s world as humanity faces various challenges that call for adaptation and change.


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