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Apr 25, 2023
  1. Main question: how is the body is a central site for thinking about global/international/local society? Additional questions to help you: why does the human body matter on a societal level? What are the issues related to the human/social body (health, power, labor, value, artistry, exploitation, exclusion, appearance etc.). Think of how bodies are purchased, controlled, and represented and have something important/unique to say about that! Use your perspective to get there. The answer comes from connecting different readings/topics together. Make an argument about why and how the body matters (and the body can mean a lot of things so be clear about that). Students often don’t know what to say so they just the body is important to society and essentially, repeating the prompt question without being specific. Give us a specific theme(s) that you want to explore (race, gender, government, health, politics, region, class, history, colonialism etc.)


    Cite from all the 3 weeks (lectures and readings), cite at least 3 sources.

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