How long are the judges’ terms?


You are (hopefully) familiar with how America elects its leaders in the executive and legislative branches. But, what about the judicial branch?
At the federal level, the President appoints judges, and they must be confirmed by The Senate. As for the state level, well, that is for you to explain.

Select either any one U.S. State and describe how the state trial and appellate judges are selected. At a minimum, answer the following questions:

Question 1: Are these judges elected? Appointed? Some hybrid of both?

Question 2: Are the methods the same or different between trial and appellate judges?

Question 3: How long are the judges’ terms?

Question 4: What are the advantages and disadvantages of how the state selects judges?

Question 5: What is “The Missouri Plan,” and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

Question 6: How does the state compare to “The Missouri Plan”?

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