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Oct 14, 2023

Homework: Examining Theory & Theoretical Frameworks


Now that we`ve explored the definitions of a theory and a theoretical framework, it`s time to dig deep into some options. Because there are so many theories that you can choose from, selecting the one or two that best support your research can be challenging at first, especially as each theory can lead your study in different directions. Go ahead and explore theories. Often a Google search is a great way to start. For example, you can query "motivational theories," and you`ll get LOTS of results!


In this homework, you`ll explore three theories that may work to create a lens to view your topic of interest. For your homework, answer the following questions for each of the three theories you have selected, using about 1 page for each theory:

Question 1. What is the name of the theory?
Question 2. Who is the author or creator of the theory?
Question 3. How has the theory changed and evolved since its original development?
Question 4. How might this theory help frame your work?
Question 5. How can your work contribute to a deeper development of this theory?

My Three theories are:

1. Piaget cognitive development theory
2. Behaviorism; and
3. Kohlberg`s theory of moral development

My topic for research is:

What are the roles of parents and teachers in instilling good ethics and morals in young children during early childhood education?

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