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May 04, 2023
    • Group Assignment 6 – Business Intelligence & AI
      Part One – Based on your organization’s business model, what business analytics might help your organization? What analytics might assist them in Digital Transformation?  Brainstorm 6-8 ideas.
      Focus on unique opportunities for their business model/industry/product base. Avoid listing generic reports (e.g., Personal File listing, Income Statement, etc.).  This is not a research questions, use your imagination and insights from what you’ve learned. For high scores, be creative – think outside the box!  Summarize your findings in at least two(2) pages.
      For each analytic you propose:
      Provide an explanation of the analytic
      List some of the important data necessary for the analytic
      Part Two – How might they utilize machine learning to create advanced analytics and business intelligence? Summarize your findings in one(1) to two(2) pages.

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