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May 15, 2023
Module Eight Activity
Guidelines and Rubric
In this journal activity, you will explore perspectives on social consciousness through the research of Jean Piaget, Daniel Goleman, and Carol Gilligan. You will have the opportunity to apply this topic to a situation that involves pay inequity.
As a sous-chef at an upscale restaurant, you loved your work. When your boss announced an opening for another chef, you were happy to recommend your friend Jasmine, a Native American chef with a flair for fusion cuisine. Because Jasmine had several years of experience as an executive chef, her previous employer provided her with a glowing reference. Several months after Jasmine was hired, you left the restaurant and accepted a chef position at another restaurant
About a year later, you and Jasmine meet to catch up. During your conversation,
Jasmine shares that she loves her position at your former restaurant; however, she is concerned that she is a victim of pay inequity. Jasmine explains that even though she received a pay increase on her one-year anniversary, her predecessor, James, earned 30 percent more after working at the same restaurant for the same amount of time as Jasmine.
In truth, Chef James had less culinary experience than Jasmine. Even worse,
James left the position because the restaurant received a less than five-star review that complained about his lower quality dishes. By contrast, Jasmine has consistently received outstanding reviews on her dishes during her entire tenure at the restaurant, and has even been featured on a national television program that showcases America’s best restaurants.
Since that program aired, business has increased, with customers and critics alike raving about Jasmine’s dishes. Concerned about the inequity of your friend’s situation, you do your best to support Jasmine.
The following resource supports your work
• on the activity:
• Module Eight Activity Template Word
For this journal activity, in order to better understand social consciousness and how studying the life-span theorists can help address difficult situations, you will read the scenario and thoughtfully apply theory to complete the Module Eight Activity Template. In the template, you must address each of the following rubric criteria with a minimum of 2 to 5 sentences.
• Applying Piaget’s concept of perspective-taking in ways that would support Jasmine, address the following in your response:
• Why is perspective-taking so critical to your conversation with Jasmine?
• How might you seeing Jasmine’s situation from her point of view inspire her to advocate for herself?
• Applying Goleman’s concept of empathy in ways that would support
Jasmine, address the following in your response:
o Why is empathy so critical to
your conversation with Jasmine?
• In Jasmine’s case, what do you believe is the main difference between perspective-taking and empathy?

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