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Jun 03, 2023
include the following items in your paper:
Title page (see the example on the assignment page)
Headings per APA (All headings are in bold print)
Heading #1:
Your first paragraph following heading #1 should include your introduction with a clearly
written purpose statement.
Heading #2:
This paragraph should introduce how policy is developed and how nurses can participate in this
Heading #3:
This paragraph should include a brief description of the bill. Clearly state your support or
opposition to this bill. Discuss 2 reasons for supporting or opposing this bill. You should have a
reference for this section of your paper.
Heading #3:
Discuss the purpose of the bill to include:
Statistics (national, regional, state) concerning who is impacted and why. How will this bill
impact healthcare and nurses’? Who submitted the bill and where is it in the process (has it been
voted as a bill, or it is currently in the house or senate)
Heading #4
including all of the elements of APA style.
Your references should be on a separate page with –
You should use 4 references for this assignment. One reference should be your required textbook
(Cherry & Jacobs). One reference should be the bill itself and you can choose 2 additional peer
reviewed resources. References must be cited in the body of the paper. Your references should
be current (within the last five years).
Using the APA 7
resources in the modules section) or the 7
you are using and list it in red beneath your reference on the reference list. Do this for each of
your four references. If you cannot find the format for the reference you have chosen, do not use
the reference.
Cherry, B. & Jacob, S. (2019).
Authored Book (Section 10.2)
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