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Jan 06, 2022

The relationship between person-centered care and positive outcomes is an area where we can all benefit from further exploration. For this assessment criterion, you will be required to analyze how relationships with stakeholders underpin practice in order for it to succeed on both fronts: providing high-quality services while also working towards individual goals or desires of clients along the lines laid out by philosophy defines what constitutes good living respectively.

Government guidance states that Delivering integrated care is essential to improving outcomes for people who use health and social care services.

Stakeholders are any person or organization with an interest in your services. This can include you, your colleagues, service users, and families who rely on the provided care for their loved ones; advocacy groups fighting against social Inequalities like disability discrimination which often leads to lack of accessibility issues within healthcare settings, even if they dont explicitly mention it.

Service users are the most important stakeholders in any care and support services that are provided to them. Its crucial for providers of these types of programs or agencies, not only to trust but also mutual respect with all members involved. So they can value each persons perspective on their individual needs going forward into this process as well as being transparent about what will happen next from start-to-finish which builds up an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable communicating freely should there be anything wrong happening during treatment too late discovery later down line.

This person-centered approach to care planning and delivery means that the individual will know what is important, as they are placed firmly at its center. It also gives them choice in how their needs can be met through a partnership between both parties working together for positive outcomes.

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