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Dec 02, 2023

Business Environment

Assignment Task: This assignment requires a power point presentation and a written essay that demonstrates an introductory background knowledge to business and an awareness of the factors that influence the environment in which a business operates, the impact of government on the structure and operation of a business organisation.

Learning outcome 1: Analyse a firm`s business environment;
Learning outcome 2: Assess the impact of government on the structure and operation of a business organisation;
Learning outcome 3: Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of changes in the public sector and non-for-profit environment on business organisation and activity.

Task Requirements


Brexit and COVID19 have impacted the growth and sustainability of the different businesses in the United Kingdom. You work as a business analyst consultant, your manager has requested that you produce a report and presentation that will be disseminated amongst the C-suite executives. Your report should include a comparison of a public sector company and non-profit company of your choosing. You should demonstrate a deep understanding of both sectors and the impact of both COVID19 and Brexit to your chosen organisations.

Task 1

Prepare an annotated power point presentation (10-12 slides) for the C-Suite executives that analyses the firm`s business environment by applying PESTEL/PESTLE model to your chosen organisations (public and non-profit) demonstrating an understanding the impact of changes of COVID-19 and Brexit. (LO1 & LO3) 750 words

The presentation should include the following:

An Introduction
A definition and scope of the business environment.
An application of PESTEL/PESTLE to your chosen public sector organisation.
Apply PESTEL/PESTLE to your chosen non-profit sector organisation.
Reference list of the presentation

The presentation should include speaker notes at the bottom of each slide to explain the key points on the slide. Keep the slides succinct and you can use bullet points where necessary. The slides should be embedded in the assignment followed by the report. Please note you are not required to make a presentation in class.

Task 2: The second part of your task requires you to choose a private sector company and produce a written report that demonstrates the impact of government on the structure and operation of a business organisation. (LO2) 1,750 words

The report should include the following:

An introduction to provide an overview of the different types of organisations in different sectors.
An explanation of the different legal structures including their advantages and disadvantages.
The differences between public and private ownership including the different forms of financing used for both.
An assessment of the UK Competition policy and the legislative framework surrounding anti- competitive practices.
How the Competition and Markets Authority operates to review business practice and impact on the consumer.
An understanding of the objectives and fiscal and monetary policy instruments the government can use to regulate the economy during the recession and the impact on employment, taxation, interest rate, balance of payments and exchange rates in relation to business operations.
An understanding of globalisation and how it affects business, competition, and the economy.

You must reference all information used in the presentation and the report, using the Harvard Referencing Guide.

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