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May 23, 2023

Data Analysis

View the videos “Reverse Scored Items and Subscales” and “Subscale Scoring” for examples of how to compute reverse-scored items and subscales.

Complete all of the steps necessary to prepare your data for analysis. Make sure each of the following steps has been completed:
All reverse-scored items have been computed in a separate variable. Label all reverse-scored variables with the name of the original variable followed by R. (for example, CCI4 would be reverse-scored into a new variable, CCI4R).

All subscales have been totaled. Create a new variable for each subscale and label all subscales with names that can be clearly identified.

A total score has been calculated for each assessment instrument (if appropriate).

Submit the SPSS database containing all original data as well as the variables listed above. Also, attach a separate Word document containing a list of the variables that have been added or modified. For example, list each reverse-scored item along with the variable names of the original and reverse-scored variables. Also, list the variable names of the subscales and indicate which items were included in each subscale.

Also, attach the instruments that are being used for each program. If you are not able to obtain an actual instrument, provide a description of the instrument that explains the items, including the measurement scale. Attach the scoring instructions for each instrument. Provide a full reference for each instrument used in each of the two programs.

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