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May 25, 2023

Topic 1: JGR Week 7 Discussion Joe Gibbs realized early on that becoming a professional football player wasn`t feasible given his strengths and abilities, so he aimed to become an NFL head coach, which took years of dedication and SMART goal setting to achieve. Reflecting on past experiences, many of us may have set unrealistic goals, leading to disappointment and frustration. By employing the SMART goal framework, we can identify past goals that might have been unrealistic due to lacking specificity, measurability, achievability, relevance, or timeliness.

Topic 2: Week 8 This week highlighted the significance of embracing a growth mindset over a fixed one. Recall a moment in your life where you faced a significant opportunity or challenge with a fixed mindset, perhaps hindered by doubts about your abilities or concerns regarding others` perceptions. If given the chance to revisit that situation with a growth mindset, envision how your approach and the outcome might differ. Would you focus more on learning and improvement rather than being constrained by fixed beliefs about your capabilities?

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