How You Organize The Details For The Sellers And The Sales: Excel Assignment, GCD, Ireland

Part 1 – Excel (70% of marks)

Look at the sales figures for the company “Farraige Teoranta” for various products they sell in the spreadsheet Assessment 2 – Sales Data (on Blackboard ).

The layout does not have to be as it currently is on the sheet and it is up to you how you organize the details for the sellers and the sales figures as long as the following requirements are met. You will need to organize and lay out these figures wisely on a spreadsheet based on the requirements below.

Basic data for the calculation


Below are the commission rates for all the employees for the different products:

Product A Product B Product C Product D

8.5% 7.5% 9.0% 10%


Below are the prices of the products:

Product A: €50 *

Product B: €60 **

Product C: €75

Product D: €95

You can change the product names yourself but print with the same prices.


The price of Product A increases from €50 to €60 from the beginning of October onwards.

The price of Product B increases from €60 to €75 from the beginning of October onwards.

(So ​​you will need to enter a different price in the last quarter of the year for these products)

Tax Rate

The rate of value added tax (VAT) on all products is 23%.

These basic data (rates/prices etc.) should be stored on a separate worksheet (in one place) and referred to as appropriate.

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