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Apr 13, 2023
    • I intend to read current DF manuals on recovery and if there is a specific one for the recovery of artillery vehicles, 105 guns, and 120 mortars in tactical and non-tactical environments. After action reports of passed artillery operations. I will also be reviewing the report of the OCC on the compatibility of Irish artillery units to NATO standards which took place in 2022.

      I will also look at the most up-to-date TPs being used which will be the current conflict in Ukraine from both sides involved in the conflict. This will be unbiased and only address how both sides use recovery with artillery units.

      Also, I will be looking at the NZDF which is of similar size and budget to the DF, and what vehicles they employ. Also to review if tracked or wheeled vehicles will be suitable to the DF’s needs.

      I would also look to carry out interviews on personnel from artillery transport units for example transport sergeants and drivers who would have an in-depth knowledge of this area and also the transport core who would operate the main recovery vehicles which are operated currently within the DF. The questions that I would intend to ask would be the main questions asked in the proposed research objectives.

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