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In respect to the increasing demand of online booking, shopping as well as a dominant usage of internet for all kinds of services, the hotel industry has also shifted onto an online platform with being in possession of a website for all kinds of services in specific terms. Similarly, the hotel sector has been chosen as the business sector for this particular discussion, where Lodging King is supposed to be a hotel, which has a specific website allowing the visitors to choose from a wide range of hotels across the region and select the one that suits their primary needs of booking a hotel room (Sasmito 2019). Hence, a website has been designed for the same purpose, where each of the following sections present on the document shall be meeting the basic needs of a hotel accommodation for all kinds of visitors tending to obtain a lodging.

As a reason, the following discussion has been documented to provide with a detailed design for all the webpages to be a primary component of the entire website along with the interfaces that have been designed. Each of the page has been described in detail to put forward a better understanding for the reader of this document. In addition to this, the document also highlights a prototype development along with testing as well as screenshots to ensure a clear view of the same (Wang and Hespanhol 2018). Lastly, the document provides with a brief recommendation based on the website design, as an intention to improve the webpages or interfaces for enhanced functionalities offered to the visitors of the website.

Detailed Design Of Webpages And Interfaces: 

This section of the document shall be highlighting each of the webpages present on the designed prototype for The Lodging King. Each of the page along with their detailed description and designs used for developing the selected prototypes for each of the page. Hence, the following sections have been segmented into different sections for each of the page to discuss about the designs in detail and put forward a better understanding for the same (Rubab et al. 2018). The website prototype contains a specific navigation bar with all the primary pages, which are accessible on the particular website by every individual visitor to the website. This navigation bar also allows the visitors of the website to access every individual page as desired whenever required from the navigation bar.

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