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Question 1: How Profinet and Profibus networks will be implemented for automation and in measuring simulation parameters?

Question 2: How Profinet and Profibus are used in data communication systems for communication? [13].

Field Bus System Of PROFIBUS

Fieldbus mainly uses a certain type of description based technology and to make it available to all other devices, application and host systems.  It is seen that in Profibus PA, devices are addressed and are used in lot of methods like inclusion of DIP switches and user entered addresses of software . It is a process to connect all instruments in a manufacturing plant.

Fieldbus mainly works on a certain network structure and typically allows star, ring, branches and tree network topologies and helps more than two devices to communicate properly in data transmission aspect. It is observed that the computers were connected with the help of RS-232 serial connections and make the devices to communicate easily.  The types of fieldbus that are usually not compatible with each other are Profibus, Profinet, CC-Link, AS interface and IO-Link.


The main advantages of this article are to get a detailed insight of Profinet and Profibus network functions in communication and exchange of data. It becomes extremely easy to understand the cyclical exchange of data between the IO controller mainly as Producer and IO devices as main customers. 


Profibus is defined as a specific digital network that is highly responsible for a proper communication between the control system and the controllers. It works in creating PROFIBUS DP protocol and launching of Process Automation. Profibus is defined as communication mainly in automation technology and works both in acyclical and cyclical communications. PROFIBUS PA runs at typical transmission speed of almost 31.25 KBPS and it is to be configured to run almost at a speed of 12MBPS and the devices needs to be communicated within a specific time. Profibus remains the main industrial protocol that is used mainly in automation and testing.


PROFINET network is mainly a proper protocol that is totally based only on certain specific international standards. The networking communication protocol is used to share and data exchange across the controllers and is used in automation settings. Industrial Ethernet solution is designed for data collection and control of equipment’s. The communication protocol Profinet helps a lot in accessing fast response and the data collection process will be even more. The PROFINET employs main Ethernet cables in an office environment to be flexible in data transmission [1] (“Specifically, industrial communication network technology such as Profinet has proved to be a major game changer for such automation”).


Profibus is defined as a data communication system that helps in all in sharing a proper bus system and it is compared to non-digital system. The communication basis for Profibus is mainly a cyclical data exchange across devices and PLCs [18] (“ The science and industry tend to miniaturize, electronize and automate everything around us. The fourth industrial revolution is going to transform people’s lives, together with the requirements towards their abilities”). The main components of PROFIBUS are usually implemented across communication protocol and PROFIBUS DP. It is usually common for all applications and the installation cost is compared to non-digital systems. Profibus PA is used in process automation and is used for high speed drive applications. PROFIBUS PA is mainly a master slave protocol that maintains a proper startup sequence and a certain time limit needs to be given for certain data exchange [2].

A combination of timer in the master helps in communication for bus cycles within a fixed time interval. Profibus follows a proper master slave protocol and it resembles almost like MODBUS that allows a lot of multiple masters. The slave follows a specific time limit that helps in data exchanges with almost all of the slaves [5].


The  concept of PROFBUS was started in Germany in the year 1986 and almost 21 companies formulated a master project and is known as “FieldBus”. Profibus FMS is used for understanding the main communication between Master and Profibus


Profibus is mainly a standard for establishing a communication in almost all of the main automation technology. It is used for Siemens and is used as the main part of IEC 61158.


Profibus is used in employing an interaction between master and slave along with network components. The cyclical communication helps in fast transfer of both input and output data between slaves and master at an regular intervals.

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