Identify A Team/Group Of People Within A Service In The Health/Care Sector In Which You Are Working Or Have Recently Worked And Reflect: Leadership In Health And Social Care Assignment, TUD, Ireland

Part 1

Identify a team/group of people within a service in the health/care sector in which you are working or have recently worked and reflect on and discuss your observations, analysis, and evaluation of how leadership has been practiced there until now.

In the discussion explore how it has adapted or changed as a result of the disruptive impact of the pandemic and what could be done to further improve the leadership practice. Use relevant concepts and theories that we covered in this module to support your discussion and justify your analysis and suggestions for improvement.

As you discuss how leadership could be improved, give practical examples of how this approach to leadership would be practiced in the work environment.

Part 2

Briefly summarise the insights about leadership practice you have gained from your learning experience over the course of this module, such as the application of your selected leadership theories in part 1 of this essay.

This means that you need to summarise the insights you have gained about your own leadership thinking, knowledge, and practice from the activities and reflections throughout the module and place evidence of these reflections in the appendix.

How do these insights inform your own leadership practice? Based on this, discuss which two aspects of your leadership practice you would like to improve and how will you do this. Create a SMART leadership development plan with which to support your proposed personal improvements.

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