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Apr 25, 2023
    • Question: Based on the business process mapping assessment, identify an area where the use of IT can lead to improvement to solve problems and/or to take advantage of business opportunities along with redesigning/modifying the workflow.

      Identify re-engineering assessment, develop a business case presentation where a business issue and/or opportunity is identified. Then, suggest at least two options that would be most suitable for an organisation by applying a systematic approach to the management of enterprise IT operations by determining the input, process, output and feedback of the system, as well as convince and persuade business executives to invest and implement in that particular application.

      Please upload your 10-min video to Youtube as a private listing video and post the link in the Learnline along with your report and reflection.

      You must include these topics in this assessment:
      1. Overview objective
      2. Improvement in previous model process
      3. Check previous model and make New model accorodinlgly
      4. KPI
      5. CRM metrics for sale process
      6. BPR & ERP metrics

      the company overview described unique futures with some sufficient details. Industry & Situation with SWOT analysis provided some information regarding the overall outlook for the business, industry, and competitors. The Business Process model contained some errors with wrong syntax rules of the BPMN specification, but generally, the diagram was presented well. The presentation was attractive enough, and the language was appropriate for the audience.

      The overview captures audiences attention, indicates the intended audience, andprovides a brief overview of the business case.


      This section provides the necessary background or context for the problem or
      opportunity. It conveys specific place/organization of which the problem relates.

      Merits of proposal
      The new model will generally improve the effectiveness and efficiency with specific KPIs identified. The model complies to all the four criteria with some minor errors which are as follows. Business process models are correct and comply with the syntax rules of the BPMN specification. Process models should be easily and unambiguously understandable. It should provide a complete description of a business process as a sequence between one or multiple start and end events. The process models should be consistent in the way they represent reality. This section clearly explains how the business case will meet the needs identified in the problem/opportunity section. It also offers clear reasoning as to why this business case is a good one and is feasible.

      Part B
      Write your personal reflection on what you have learnt while working on a business case using your personal experience and link your learning to your assignment. (300 words)

      Marking rubric for part B
      1. Identification  Description of skills/attributes and personal thoughts

      Identification with excellent description of critical skills and attributes. Excellent expression of thoughts anpersonal feelings on the presentation content using extensive vocabulary

      2. Analysis (through personal reflection and course readings)

      Excellent analysis and reflection of current personal skill set with good reference to the contents and readings

      3. Learning and changed actions

      Excellent description of lessons learnt from the presentation with detailed personal courses of action elaborated to improve personal employabilityprospects

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