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You will write a paper answering all the essay questions below using the APA format which would include:

title page
page numbers, margins
internal documentation
reference page, etc.

Answer questions separately and do not use a narrative or essay format for the document. Each section needs to be identified and answered separately. The following website will provide details on the APA format. Purdue University-APA Format
Please preface your answers with the item number and letter of the question you are answering. e.g 1. (a.) Empathic understanding. When the counselor etc. Answers need to be thorough enough to demonstrate your understanding of each concept.
If you use information from the text and/or outside references the information needs to be documented and direct quotes should be used minimally. In giving your answers, imagine that you are explaining this information to someone who has no prior knowledge of counseling terms, concepts and issues. The paper should not be cut and pasted but a reflection and application of your knowledge gained from the course. Each section should be well developed and include enough information to convince the reader that you understand the concepts, relationships, and issues you are discussing and are not simply reporting the information.
Due Date

Submit the paper by Sunday, 11:59 pm CT.

If posted on Monday by midnight–minus 5 points. If posted on Tuesday by midnight–minus 10 points. If posted after midnight on Tuesday–no credit will be received.

Paper Outline and Points

Questions Assessing Core Learning Outcome 1 (Demonstrate competence in the vocabulary used in guidance and counseling.) 60 pts.

1. Define the following and give an example of each of the following terms in a in a counseling situation. Do not copy the definition from the text, lecture or glossary and do not use examples from the text—apply your understanding of the information to an example for a counseling situation.

Empathic understanding. (10 pts)
Unconditional positive regard (10 pts)
Transference (10 pts)
Anxiety (10 pts)
Projection (10 pts)
Irrational Beliefs (10 pts)
Questions Assessing Core Learning Outcome 2 (Identify and critique key concepts found in the study of guidance and counseling.) 20 pts

2. Describe and discuss three major differences between the following models and their techniques. Discussion of the specific differences of the models needs to be integrated and is not to be a separate report of each.

Behavior therapy and person-centered therapy (10 pts)
Family therapy and psychoanalytic therapy (10 pts)
Question Assessing Core Learning Outcome 3 (Identify ethical issues in the guidance and counseling process.) 40 pts

3. Identify and discuss the ethical considerations of:

Part 1:

a. Pursuing a romantic relationship with a client or former client, either during or after a counseling relationship. (10 pts)

Part 2:

Discuss the importance and limitations of confidentiality in a counseling setting. Include in your answer specific information that clients need to be provided. (10 pts)
Discuss 2 counseling situations where duty to warn would be necessary. What would be the ethical issues involved? (10 pts)
Discuss the importance of ethical standards in the counseling profession.
Questions Assessing Core Learning Outcome 4 (Practically apply guidance and counseling to ones life and circumstances.) 10 pts

4. Describe and apply how your knowledge of guidance and counseling models might help your own interpersonal relationships and reduce stress. Identify the model(s) and include specific concepts or techniques from the model(s) and discuss how they apply.

Questions Assessing Core Learning Outcome 5 (Evaluate the guidance and counseling processes that occur in helping relationships.) 30 pts

5. List the most effective and the least effective counseling models and techniques for the following problems. Specific justification for choices needs to be included in discussion.

Low self-esteem (10 pts)
Phobias (10 pts)
Marital problems. (10 pts)
Questions Assessing Core Learning Outcome 6 (Apply understanding of basic helping skills utilizing theory, practice, and case application.) 30 pt

6. Discuss the basics of 3 counseling and guidance models. Include fundamental assumptions, terms, and principles/techniques.

In addition, points will be given for:

Use of APA format (10 pts)
Content of communication (10 points)
Technical skills in communication (10 Points)

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