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May 25, 2023
Lakewood IT’s management is asking for additional information in your analysis. They are tasking you with exploring and researching some options associated with their project. Management wants you to research IT service implementation options. More specifically, you must research Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions vs. non-SaaS solutions for IT service departments. The paper must:
Identify and describe, at least, two SaaS solutions and two non-SaaS solutions
Describe, at least, two benefits and two limitations associated with each solution
Identify one preferred SaaS solution and one, preferred non-SaaS solution as the best options for Lakewood IT.
The paper must not exceed 5 pages of content (the title page, abstract [if required], reference pages, figures/tables, and appendices are not content pages). In addition, the paper must use:
Times New Roman, 12 pt font/typeset
Double spaced lines
The APA Manual, 7th edition’s title page, header, margins, figure, table, and heading formatting
The APA Manual, 7th edition’s writing mechanic guidelines

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