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Jun 06, 2023
Identify communication goals in health campaigns.
Use communication theory and strategies to analyze health messages.
Find a health campaign (commercial, print ad, social media ad, radio spot, etc).
A simple search in Google for “public health campaigns” will begin to open options for you. Special shout-out to those that are able to find more obscure/less well known health campaigns.
Review the guidelines for designing effective health messages from the required reading in the module (please see attachments below).
Selection of incentive appeals
One-sided versus two-sided message content
Source featured in message
Realism and personalization
Attractiveness and vividness
Then write a post that addresses the following:
What is the health campaign you looked at? (share a link, video, image of ad, or other)
Which of the above guidelines for designing effective health messages above do you see evident?
Describe the effectiveness of this campaign (it’s okay if yours is an example of many aspects of ineffective communication).
Our reading discussed the Impact of Health Campaigns. Use what you’ve learned from that section to explain the impact this health campaign has had. You’re welcome to draw upon some outside research that discusses the effectiveness of your selected health campaign- just remember to cite any outside resources consulted.
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