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Jun 07, 2023
Identify electronic database search strategies (e.g.,CINAHL, PubMed)
Locating and evaluating sources of evidence
Write a 3-5 page (not including the title and reference pages) paper
APA 7 formatted paper with an introduction and conclusion.
APA 7 headings for each section of the paper
At least 3 peer-reviewed articles
Step 1: Research
Interview a librarian or nursing scholar on methods for locating and appraising health and other relevant research literature and electronic database search on strategies.
You may want to base this research on your idea from your Capstone Project; however, you may not self-plagiarize your previous work.
Step 2: Consider
Write a quality appraisal of the Library and resources.
What did you learn?
How do you locate and evaluate sources of evidence?
Which electronic database would you use most and what types of search words would you use?
What are the strengths?
What are the weaknesses?
Is it adequate? Why or why not?

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