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Oct 23, 2023

Homework: Journal Data Analytics Guidelines


Throughout this course you have explored potential career options in data analytics, and you should now be familiar with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions that employers are looking for in data analytics professionals. For this homework, you will reflect on what you have learned throughout this course and how it relates to your personal and professional interests and goals.


Begin by revisiting your homework submissions from previous modules and take note of the feedback you received. Reflect on what you have learned and address the following in a journal entry to your instructor:

Question A. Identify at least one concept that you found particularly interesting and describe how it relates to achieving your personal and professional interests and goals.

a. For example, in several modules you learned about the role of stakeholders in a business organization. Perhaps you found this interesting because you work or aim to work at a company where you would have a significant responsibility in the decision-making process.

Question B. Determine what knowledge, skills, and dispositions you would like to focus on and develop to reach your personal and professional goals.

Question C. Explain how your perception or ideas about the role of a data analyst in a business organization have changed throughout the course

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