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Jan 13, 2022

In the previous section, we looked at how to provide feedback about performance. This is an important part of team development because it helps both individuals on your team and you, in general, improve their work ethic by receiving recognition when they do well or have done something exceptional which leads them toward continuing professional growth with learning opportunities. For this assessment criterion please demonstrate one instance where outcomes from evaluating a groups effectiveness were used for furthering personal skill-building efforts through reflection guided by data analysis.

In order successfully accomplish tasks that are assigned throughout any given project whether these projects be short term training programs designed exclusively to equip workers ready to effectively perform their job or projects designed to get workers back on the right track you must be able to work successfully with your team members. This is why evaluation of performance within any given training program is so important because it allows for workers who need improvement in specific categories (such as reliability and responsibility) to improve and eventually fulfill the requirements of their job role.

In order to effectively work with my team members, I must first evaluate their performance through the use of data analysis and reflection to understand any potential issues in which they can better themselves in such categories as reliability and responsibility. Since these two categories are often cited for improvement by many workers who oversee training programs, it is important that I evaluate to understand if there are any issues in particular that need to be addressed. After I assess the data and reflect on it, I will then work with my team members toward their improvement by giving them advice and providing opportunities for further development through training programs exclusive to these skill sets (if necessary).

However, despite evaluation and addressing performance issues within a team, it is important to stress that you must remain positive when dealing with performance problems. This means that during your evaluations you must avoid using negative labels because using these labels can discourage workers who are seeking help in achieving better results in their job roles. Instead, one should focus on neutralizing problematic behaviors by identifying necessary steps each team member can take toward improvement (such as taking courses or applying for development opportunities). Once you do this, the team members will be less discouraged and more willing to improve because they know that you are working with them toward further growth.

This is why it is critical for me to remain positive throughout my evaluations of my team members because I am simultaneously addressing issues of concern about their performance and aiding my workers toward further development in the workplace.

After I address concerns about their performance, I am showing workers that I am not only willing to help them improve but also that I value their work. This is why it is important for me to remain positive while making evaluations because the more engaged team members feel with your leadership, the more work they will be willing to put toward their own improvement.

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