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Jan 29, 2022
      • You are required to draw up a proposed Business Plan for a potential business, in your report please include the following:

        • Identify the aims, objectives, and the unique selling point of the proposed
        • Clearly identify the strengths of the proposed business.
        • Identify and justify the trading status. Recognize the requirements of the relevant legislation in relation to the trading status that applies to your proposed business.
        • Examine the roles and responsibilities of personnel.
        • Identify the target market and its requirements.
        • Clearly identify skills requirements for the operation of the business.
        • Recognize the need for external advisors/agencies.8. Identify the relevant employment legislation to be met by the business
        • Research and calculate the costs of acquiring and managing the Business.
        • Clearly identify the equipment, tools, and materials required by the Business.
        • Evaluate supplier choice relating to the business.
        • Identify relevant sources of finance.
        • Produce financial forecasts for the business.
        • Determine the customer service/ quality control policies of the business.
        • Produce a plan for effective marketing/sales.
        • Explain the process of establishing a working relationship with professional bodies agencies using primary research.
        • Presentation of Business Plan
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