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Nov 28, 2023

Assignment: Career Paths Analysis


Throughout the course, you`ve examined the role of psychology in regard to the well-being of self and society. You have also learned how to apply elements of emotional intelligence to successfully adapt to a variety of situations.

Now, it`s time to combine your knowledge of psychology and EI in ways that will allow you to achieve success in the professional setting. Given the idea that psychology is everywhere and can be applied in various occupational settings, you will conduct a career paths analysis.


The following resources support your work on the milestone:

1) SNHU Career: Navigate to the SNHU Career module resource for examples of careers in psychology, sociology, and human services.

2) Careers With a Bachelor`s Degree in Psychology: Review this resource to identify potential career paths.

3) SNHU Career: Access the Handshake Career Platform from the SNHU Career site to find a psychology-related job for this milestone.

4) Overview of Psychology Subdisciplines PDF: Review this document for an overview and example of how different jobs relate to the subdisciplines of psychology.

5) Connections Between Job Tasks and Corresponding EI Skills PDF: Review this document for examples of job tasks and how they are related to EI skills.

For this milestone, you will conduct a career paths analysis. You will research job descriptions that are related to psychology and identify one job description that requires strong EI skills.

Specifically, you must address the following criteria:

Question I. Summarize a psychology-related job description by providing the following details:

A. Job title

B. Job roles and responsibilities

C. Prerequisites for the job (knowledge, education, skills, and abilities needed to successfully perform the job)

D. Primary industry or type of business

E. Connection to psychology (e.g., psychological concepts, perspectives, and applications related to job performance)

F. Note: The job does not have to be in the field of psychology, but could be in a field in which psychological knowledge is frequently applied (e.g., personal financial advisors, probation officers, human resource specialists). Keywords for search may include psychology, health, behavior, education, etc.

Question II. Identify the aspects of the job that would require self-awareness and self-regulation.

Question III. Identify the aspects of the job that would require social awareness and conflict resolution.

Question IV. Identify the aspects of the job that would require ethical judgment and empathy.

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