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May 24, 2023
As an aspiring educator, you might be teaching the concepts from Weeks 4 and 5 to students. This assignment will give you an opportunity to think about what that situation might look like as you create a resource for a future teacher. The future teacher might be you or someone else.


Review the content, your notes, and your Journal Reflection Questions from Weeks 4 and 5. Your reflection answers will help you complete this assignment.

Identify the ideas that would be important for your future self or another future teacher to remember.

Choose 1 of the following formats to use for the resource you’re creating:
A 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes

Create your resource. In your resource:
Identify the topic(s).
From your perspective, develop the important student learning outcomes for the mathematical concepts from
Week 4 – Probability
4.1 Building Concepts for Probability
4.2 Solidifying Knowledge for Probability
4.3 Metacognition for Probability
and 5.

Week 5 – Central Tendency
5.1 Building Concepts for Central Tendency
5.2 Solidifying Knowledge for Central Tendency
5.3 Metacognition for Elementary Math

Include any rules and definitions that are important for students to learn.
Discuss strategies your future self or another future teacher could consider when developing ideas for teaching the concepts.
Share parts of your reflections that were meaningful to you and discuss why. For example, you might include observations of your own learning, the use of the learning tools, things that were surprising to you, connections you made, or any other topics that you want your future self or another future teacher to remember.


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