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May 30, 2023
Create a Listening Guide & Song Analysis similar to the examples found in the textbook & early Canvas pages.
• Pick one song from the OFFICIAL Spotify LIST ONLY.
• Complete the information table for the “Song Analysis” and create a “Listening Guide”.
(PDF preferred ‹ ; Excel/GoogleSheets templates found in instructions below)
• Do not plagiarize any elements (other than including partial lyrics, and document where you found the lyrics. › is a good place to start for lyrics and form, but should be used with caution when considering overall form of your chosen song: you should use YOUR knowledge of form for this class to make the final determination)
• Descriptions and form analysis should be in your own words
• Use language and descriptions similar to those found in the textbook Listening


** Information to include in your “Song Analysis” **
• Song Title
• Songwriter (may be different from the performer, but could be the same).
• Performer/Artist of the selected recording.
• Year the song was recorded & released. (Recording year may differ from the release year)
• Identify the overall Form of your song: simple verse, simple verse-chorus, contrasting verse-chorus, AABA (possibly compound AABA), compound ABA, (or one of these forms
‘modified’; if so describe the modification and why the ‘modification’ label is necessary) etc. -your song should fit at least one of these overall Form Labels
Review of the above-mentione song forms may be found in the Introduction
Module of this course.
• 00.01a – Musical Terminology.
• 00.01b – Musical Terminology (FORM)
• Note: form does not refer to the ‘format’ on which medium the song was released (ie., 12″, vinyl, CD, digital, etc.), it refers to the way the music unfolds through time.

**Items to include in your “Listening Guide”
• Form segments – Correct labels, (Introduction, Verse, Chorus, Refrain, Bridge, Coda, etc.)
• Lyrics: You should only include the first few lyrics for each section (see: textbook examples); especially include lyrics/partial lyrics that relate or differentiate one section to/from another.
• Instruments present during each section of the song as your knowledge allows (especially if certain instruments are introduced or removed from certain sections of music).
students should be able to identify the following instruments:
. vocals (lead or background vocals)
.. guitar(s)
• bass
• drums
• keyboard(s)
• horn(s)
• string(s)
other instruments as your knowledge allows
• Description of what is going on in each section with regard to vocals and instrumental music.
• Time-stamps of each section (similar to the text listening guides & the example below).
• “Do not include measure numbers! (mm.)
• “Do not include letters next to the lyrics as in the instructor’s example for “Stormy Monday Blues”
. You may use the table creator feature in Canvas to make your guide line up in a grid. You may also use Excel, Word, or other programs that can create grids. Feel free to copy my template below, but fill in with your own information.
. Submit in Canvas via xls or doc format, PDF, or use the rich text box.
• This project will most likely be easier on a computer/tablet vs smartphone.

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