Identify the target audience or audiences you have determined will help Bethel Woods.

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This assignment represents the next key piece in your campaign plan. Messaging is the first creative product of your research and audience work. It is the creative embodiment of that work. Your messaging will serve as inspiration for strategies, tactics, and collateral. For this assignment, you will use your research findings to develop messages that will achieve your desired campaign results with your identified audience or audiences.

A successful assignment will do the following:
1. Clearly identify the target audience or audiences you have determined will help Bethel Woods achieve its overall communications goals for the Woodstock Awards program.

2. Explain how your research about those audiences is reflected in your proposed messaging.

3. Outline your proposed messages per audience or audiences, indicate how they are supported by research, and propose examples of the message carried out in strategies or tactics.

If you have sub-audiences, you must do the same for each sub-audience/message. Explain how the message would be modified into sub-messages to better connect with each sub-group, making sure to identify the sub-groups. Remember, any variations of the message must meet all criteria of messaging.

Like your overarching message, the variants must support the communication goals, be founded in research, and reflect any peculiarities of the tactics you will use to deliver them.

a. Explain each sub-audience and related sub-message and how you have adjusted your overall message in each instance to speak more effectively to each proposed sub-audience.

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