Identify the three nursing care priorities using the first four steps of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle.

Question: Undertake a literature review on a theoretical concept/construct of your choosing that has real world management implications (e.g., customer satisfaction, social media, airline industry competitiveness, return on investment, website quality etc.).

Research the field to find four academic articles (the first article to propose the theory) relating to the concept; and three other more recent articles (2010 onwards) one of which must apply a quantitative research design  another a qualitative design and the third, a mixed method (qualitative and quantitative) design. Please note that all articles must be full papers (e.g., not research notes, book reviews) sourced from refereed academic journals.

Please review them and write an 1,000 word structured abstract, which draws upon all the articles you have reviewed, using the following headings: Brief summary of the theory and progression in the field (i.e., how has the theory developed since first proposed?) Common themes/findings across the four articles. Different themes/findings across the four articles.

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