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May 24, 2023
I work for a 3PL (3rd party logistics) as a controller (accounting manager). Please look up a 3PL if you need help on what the company does. Our rates are always changing based off of demand, weather, area, etc and sometimes issues are not preventable. We do a lot in accounting like processing invoices from carriers and billing customers. I also do all of the tax filing and journal entries (book balancing). We also can work
remote when needed. I wanted you to know my work background for the questions below, pretend you are me please:


Respond to the following:
-How can ANOVA be used in your current work setting?
-What data would you need to collect?
-What would you need for the results to be statistically significant?

Respond to the following:
If ANOVA is a statistical method for testing differences, how would this relate to statistical interference? to the following:


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