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May 19, 2023
Discussion week posting will start on Day 1 (Sunday) of the week at 12:00 AM (midnight) and will end on Day 7 (Saturday) at 11:59 PM.
Initial post: Each student must post an initial posting of their own that is one paragraph which is approximately 250 words and includes at least two scholarly references to support the posting. One of the references can be from the texts or assigned readings. The other reference(s) must be an additional source that you have found that supports your posting. Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles meet this requirement. If the professor responds and asks you for clarification or a question, you must respond to the professor.
Responding to posts: Each student must respond with a minimum of two (2) replies during the week. The responses must be thoughtful, reference-based, and can generate further discussion. The responses must be approximately 75 words. Statements such as “I agree” or “great posting” or that are general posts that do not provide additional knowledge and valuable discussion will not count as a posting.
Students who do not post at all by Day 7 at 11:59 PM will be considered as non-participating and will earn a grade of 0% (zero) for the week’s participation grade. Full participation is defined as an initial post and a thoughtful reply to another peer’s post.
Both your initial post and reply posts MUST BE SUPPORTED with peer-reviewed journal articles or your textbook. Websites, videos, and internet sites are not scholarly articles and are not acceptable. ALL references must be included at the end of your posting and adhere to APA Style (7th edition).
Respond to the following:
If the eventual goal of HRs is to have all of a patient’s healthcare experiences and records available through a single system (real-time records from all providers and organizations), then how should the cost of such a system be covered? What parties are responsible for what costs? If the federal or state government is mandating (or incentivizing) this connectivity and standardization, then should the system be government-funded, or should private sector competitors bid to provide the infrastructure and charge for the service, based on market factors?
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