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Jun 06, 2023

Philosophy is not just the ideas of a bunch of old, dead white guys.
The philosophical questions posed in Chapter 1 reveal things about
which we are all interested or may have wondered.


Choose two of the questions posed in Chapter 1 (under the “Opening
Questions” section) that you find interesting and relevant, and respond
to the following: BOOK NEEDED:
Solomon, R. & Higgins, K., The Big Question: A Short Introduction to Philosophy, 10th Edition, Cengage.

QUESTION ONE Describe yourself as if you were a character in a story. Describe your gestures, habits, personality traits, and characteristic word phrases. What kind of a person do you turn out to be? Do you like the person you have just described? What do you like—and dislike—about yourself?

QUESTION TWO If you had only a few minutes to live, what would you do with them? What if you had only a few days? What if you only had twenty years?

1. Explain how you might respond to the two questions, and

2. Explain your response to the explanation given in the textbook to
each of the questions you chose. What do you think about those

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