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May 02, 2023


Question 1:

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft 365 has been considered as the cloud infrastructure provider and cloud service provider respectively. However, this can be considered to be the right choice for the users of the technology. Here are some of the selection criteria for choosing the aforementioned cloud infrastructure and cloud service providers.

  • The cloud service providers should have proper standards and certifications for the services. The cloud services should either have certifications of ISO, NIST, IEEE or others. For Security, they should have COBIT, CSA, ISO or similar other certifications and for operations, they should have ISO, ITIL, TOGAF and similar other standards and certifications.
  • The cloud service providers should have a proper service road map for the services they are offering. This should give the consumer an idea regarding the development of the services in future.
  • Facilities of App Modernization, integration of AI for better performance, data analytics and more.

There are more selection criteria, however, these are some of the most important ones which help in maintaining and alleviating the performance of cloud-based technologies. And as a recommendation to the Chief Technology Officer, the choice of making use of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft 365 is perfect for this situation.

Question 2:

I stick to the decision of incorporating cloud-based services to the providers. This is because Amazon Web Services is unbeatable when it comes to the storage and infrastructure of cloud services. The comparison table below shall show some of them.

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