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May 24, 2023

Research Paper Assignment

Your assignment is to write a research paper with a minimum length of 1500 words based on the case study "IKEA USES MARKET RESEARCH TO ADAPT FOR GLOBAL MARKETS" from the textbook. Address the following prompts from the case study:

  1. Analyze the critical issues that IKEA should consider when researching new markets before entering them.

  2. Evaluate whether China leans towards individualistic or collective cultural orientations, considering the insights provided in the case study.

  3. Discuss the evidence of both individualism and collectivism in the context of evolving cultural values in Asian countries, as observed in the case study.

  4. Examine the challenges consumers in different countries might face in adapting to IKEA`s flat-packed furniture model and explore IKEA`s strategies to overcome these challenges.

  5. Assess IKEA`s flat-packed furniture model as an innovative approach to furniture retail. Determine the type of innovation it represents and how IKEA fosters its acceptance among consumers.

  6. Investigate the factors influencing the acceptance and adoption of IKEA`s shopping model, drawing from the discussion on innovation spread in Chapter 7 of the textbook.

  7. Identify a country where IKEA is not currently present and devise adaptation strategies for products, communications, pricing, etc., to align with the culture of this chosen country.

  8. Explore IKEA`s marketing adaptations to target the American Hispanic segment in California and propose additional strategies for effective subculture targeting.

Support your analysis with insights from at least four additional academic resources, alongside references from the textbook.

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