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Mar 30, 2023

Subject Code & Title: IMAT3427 Problem Oriented Seminars Consultancy
Assignment Type: Report
length of Size : 2000 and 4000 words
The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are:
1.To describe and critically analyse the structure and function of IT services within a company in relation to its business and industry context.
2.To explain and evaluate a range of technical and IT service issues associated with the operation of IT services in a leading edge environment.
3.To identify and recommend strategies and responses for the company in relation to the issues and problems presented in a client briefing.
4.To develop skills in applying a range of approaches in presenting the results of the consultancy.
IMAT3427 Problem Oriented Seminars Consultancy Report Assignment -DeMontfort University UK.

Tasks to be undertaken:
Introduction :
This coursework is derived from the activities and work conducted in the online and face-to- face seminars and in individual study. Face-to-face seminars will concentrate on tackling some major challenges and scenarios which IT Service Management (ITSM) either do have to deal with or may have to deal with.

During the term we will tackle four key areas covering:
 Establishing Problem Management
 ISO27001 Progression (my consultancy brief)
 Data Centre Reorganisation.
 Sustainability

Each of the four key areas is covered by a consultancy brief which, presented by the tutor,gives the client’s view of the problem and outlines what the client requires from the consultancy. While the brief may need adjusting in the light of your knowledge of the client, it should still be addressed in your consultancy report.

In Week 6 you will be randomly allocated one of the four consultancy briefs to deliver as a consultancy portfolio.

While you then have 6 weeks to deliver, you should already have built up some material as the module progresses as well as having a draft client profile. Engagement and sustained work during the module will ease the effort required to complete the consultancy report.

Context :
You will be required to select a public sector client. You will need to investigate the organisation and define its current systems and services. This organisation will form the context for your allocated consultancy area.Your portfolio will start with a Client Profile of the organisation and its background and context as a basis for the consultancy reports. You will need to maintain awareness of what is going on in the public sector client and what is changing over the 11 weeks; also what is changing in the Government sector and the IT industry. You will also need to monitor and scan professional and UK government literature.

IMAT3427 Problem Oriented Seminars

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