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Jan 18, 2022

The goal of this assessment criterion is for you to implement and evaluate protocols that promote safe health practices, which lead not only to promoting positive well-being but also other outcomes.

To ensure that care practices align with each individuals unique needs, wishes and preferences; managers should implement policies that promote person-centered approaches. As a manager, you have an important part to play in implementing these principles into your workplace culture by checking up on protocols from time to time to make sure they are working effectively while also monitoring how things operate day after day until any necessary changes can be made.

IndividualS Psychological, Social And Spiritual Needs

The care plans for those who experience mental health issues should address their psychological, social, and spiritual needs.

Psychological needs arise in the mind and can be thought of as something that is wanted or desired. These are things like our need for independence, control over ourselves (through personal choices), self-worth with intellectual stimulation being examples among many more.

Social needs are our human connections with others. This can be the need to give, receive care and support from others, family relationships, friendships, etc.

Spiritual needs reflect a persons beliefs about their existence e.g. they want to feel that something bigger than themselves is controlling them or perhaps they believe in reincarnation. These can also apply to someones sense of belonging in a group or community.

It is important to recognize that different cultures have different outlooks on life, so when assessing for these needs, it will be helpful if you are aware of the beliefs and practices within your residents culture. When considering these needs in your assessments, it is vital to keep in mind that these are very personal and do not apply to everyone.

IndividualS Physical Health

Care workers should promote healthy lifestyles to ensure that an individual has the tools necessary for a fulfilling life. This includes both physical and mental wellbeing, so carers need to be mindful of what they say or do while still respecting any choices made by their clients which could interfere with this balance if it cannot coexist in harmony between them all at once.

The individual should be able to plan their meals, book appointments with the GP and other professionals such as nurses or physiotherapists. They also need a list of activities that they are interested in doing so its best for them if these can include swimming, dancing, etc.

IndividualS Mental Health

The importance of promoting good mental health is undeniable. It has been shown that if an individuals psychological, social and spiritual needs are not met then they may be at risk for developing any number of disorders including depression or anxiety which can lead to poor decision-making skills due in part to the passage on. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 where it states if someone lacks capacity because their brain functions differently than most people do we must make sure those who need help get Shananangled accordingly so no one goes without necessary care.

The individual should have a good level of self-esteem which can be achieved by promoting their independence and enhancing feelings of self-worth through personal achievements. They should also have the ability to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and opinions effectively.

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