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Jan 13, 2022

To demonstrate that you are effective at supporting your team members, this assessment criterion requires the demonstration of systems used for personal and work-team objectives. These include monitoring progress towards these goals as well as implementing corrective action plans when necessary so they can continue working productively without frustration or disengagement.

Some of the systems, processes, and tools that you may use could include:

  • Digital personal development or human resources software
  • Supervision
  • Appraisal
  • Calendars/schedules/diaries (digital and paper-based)
  • Coaching and mentoring

Enable Team Members To Match Their Personal Goals To The Overall Objectives Of The Service

Team members should align their personal goals with those of the organization whenever possible. This is not always achievable. for example, a skydiver may find it difficult to justify how going skydiving would benefit an organization.

A team members interest in first aid and life support skills could be aligned if he/she had previously expressed said intention during supervision so as long as this was identified beforehand it might work out successfully.

Support Individuals To Contribute To Meeting Team/Service Objectives

As a leader, you will need to support the members of your team in order for them to reach their individual objectives. This includes providing encouragement and guidance on how they can improve themselves as well as being clear about what role is expected from each person on board with this process- whether thats first aid training or just getting into hospital scrubs.

The best thing would be if someone jumps right into organizing these types of things without waiting around too long maybe even having an existing member mentor new people when taking up their designated roles?

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