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Nov 03, 2023


1. Share an overview about and explain the importance of knowing about school law, politics, and ethics.

2. Synthesize two (2) case studies and the implications for teachers or students. In your synthesis,

List the case study titles and authors.

Summarize the purposes of the case studies.

Describe the major themes or implications of the case studies.

Discuss how the major themes or implications impact teachers or students.

Share how applicable laws, politics, ethics, and resources relate to or connect to the case studies.

3. Develop your own policy or describe an existing policy that outlines the rights and responsibilities of schools/public childcare centers as well as employees and students. Take into consideration that this policy can be in effect while at school/childcare or when representing the school/childcare at extracurricular events or other off-campus school-sponsored events. In the policy,

List the policy title.

Summarize the policy purpose.

Identify applicable laws, politics, or ethics; use your educational toolbox to help you identify this information.

Compose the steps or process, or a describe the steps or process, for following or adhering to the new or existing policy.

Assess how this policy impacts those affected (e.g., staff, students, parents, etc.) and may lead to educational transformation or social justice.

Relate what you learned about law, politics, and ethics and the two case studies you read to your selected or developed policy.

4. Describe at least five resources (e.g., articles, government documents, websites, etc.), that can be used to draw from for more information about law, politics, and ethics as they pertain to your topic. Be sure to include why you chose the resource and how it can help support your policy.

5. Conclude with a reflection on how your toolbox, the knowledge from the case studies synthesis, and your creation of a new, or review of an existing policy, can help you in your professional setting, including advocating for educational transformation or social justice.

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