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May 10, 2023
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1.1 Background of The Study

In the current years, the hospitality industry has flourished with great rate. Both business and leisure travellers have grown and there are many reasons to travel. As the number of visitors increases per year for hospitality industry, the pressure on the environment is also rising. Hotels have become aware about the fact that their activities and functions have direct impact on the environment. The major role of sustainability is also important in the hospitality industry. Hotels require water, electricity, goods that are both durable and consumable and it also leads to the making of waste. The waste is made in the type of equipment, bulbs, appliances, furniture, tubes etc. In the recent years, it is determined that green technology has created great importance and it is also available affordable and nominal rates. There are many hotels in the United Kingdom which are using green development projects. Such projects are greatly dependent upon advanced technology and considers the alternate source of energy like air, wind, solar etc. for producing energy (Modica and et. al., 2020). Hospitality industry of the United Kingdom is greatly dependent over several types of sustainable practices so that hospitality companies can stand out.

In today`s time, hotel bookers, travellers

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