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May 04, 2023
STEP 1: Choose ONE of the closely related achievement gap sub-topics listed below
1. Improving high school graduation rates for minority and/or low SES students.
2. Increasing college admission rates for minority and/or low SES students.
3. Increasing standardized test scores for minority and/or low SES students.
4. Increasing college graduation rates for minority and/or low SES students.


STEP 2. Write a research report on the topic (based on your approved outline)
The Final Position Paper will meet the following criteria (see rubric below):

NOTE: The Focus questions are just guides for your writing, you are NOT supposed to write them down and answer them specifically. Weave answers into eassy thoughtfully

-Topic: The paper clearly identifies the topic and its significance in a focused manner.
(Focus question: What are you writing about and why should someone care?)
– Issue/Problem: The paper assesses the core issue or problem thoroughly and persuasively, identifying why the problem that needs to be addressed,
(Focus question: What is the specific social/educational problem you believe needs to be addressed and what is the benefit of addressing it?)
Critique: Review and present multiple viewpoints on the topic.
(Focus question: What are common views on this issue and do they seem legitimate?)
Analysis/ Context: Review key assumptions and preconceptions people often have and their origins.
(Focus question: What assumptions or preconceptions do you and others have about the topic? Why do you think these exist?
Conclusion: Come to a convincing conclusions or resolution to your issue. Include related outcomes, consequences, and implications
(Focus question: Based on all you have reviewed, what do you think is the best way to address this topic and/or resolve this issue?
-Paper must contain at least 8 references (APA* style) about the topic.
At least 5 references must be articles published in established academic journals.
Three references can be online articles, websites, book chapters, or other
– Paper must be typed (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced) and between
1200-1400 words in length (about 6 pages)
-Paper must include a list of references (alphabetized, APA* style) at the end.
-Paper must include a cover-page with student’s name, course number, semester, and topic.
-Paper must be written in Standard English, closely proofread, and free of egregious/multiple mechanical errors.

I have attached a rubric below. Please double check the work. Thank you!!


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