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Mar 15, 2023
Reflection: In a Microsoft Word document, respond to the self-reflection
questions below. Include a title page inAPAformat using the title iHuman
Reflection Week 2. In 2-3 paragraphs, respond substantively to all required
reflection questions.Analyze your personal strengthsand areas for growth.
a.Select ONE of the following topics and discuss your performance in 2-3
paragraphs.Analyze your strengths and opportunities for growth.
Include at least ONE evidence-based improvement strategy to improve
your performance in your next virtual patient encounter.
i.gathering patient information (history and physical examination)
ii.organization and interpreting information to synthesize the
iii.identifying differential diagnosis
iv.ranking differential diagnosis and identifying must not miss
v.developing the treatment plan and selecting appropriate
diagnostic tests, medications, or other treatments
b.Both the diagnostic testing and treatments available for this client’s
diagnosis can be very expensive. How would your treatment plan
change if your client did not have insurance? What resources are
available in your area to support aclient with these diagnostic and
treatment needs?
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