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Jun 09, 2023

Read pp. 314-390 of Part VI in The World of Philosophy (2nd Edition)
Review the PowerPoint presentations for Part VI


Please choose one of the two options below. Your main post (“create a new thread”) will need to be at least 200 words long. In addition, you will need to respond two posts by two of your classmates in threads other than your own. Each of these response posts will need to be at least 100 words long. Support your answer with short, pertinent quotes from the assigned readings.
Option 1
One big difference between some of the views in Week 5, is whether they are duty-based (deontological) or results-based (consequentialist). In general, do you think actions should be judged according to whether they conform to duty or do you think they should be judged according to what effects the action produced? Explain

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