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May 10, 2023
Part 1:
In some cases a child may have more than one special need. Twice exceptional children will have additional challenges for creating goals that are developmentally appropriate and promote learning.


Imagine and describe a child who has more than one special need. Then share a learning goal you would have that would address the different exceptionalities for this child.

After you post your example, respond to pee given below, addressing his/her ideas to enhance or support the learning goals he/she shared in their example.

Sierra Harris

Michael is 5-year-old boy with autism he lacks the ability to give his attention. He can’t understand certain things. He can’t sit still he has social interaction very aggressive at times as well. He is very active in the classroom. When it’s time for circle time he can’t function to sit on the rug and participate he has to run around the classroom. My goal for Michael is more interaction with him more support and structure.

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