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May 30, 2023
Respond to discussion post below:


Original prompt: In the quantum world, stability is a synonym for death. Stability means no movement, which is synonymous with a dead system. Think of how many people and organizations “lust” for the peace and safety in a universe that does everything it can to upset the stable and create the conditions for movement and change.
Provide a brief summary describing your thoughts on the above statement.

The topic of Discussion #1 reminds me of a conversation our leadership team had about the characteristics of a high-reliability organization (HRO). The discussion was focused on how, as leaders in an HRO, support our staff through innovation and change. We were shown a clip of I Love Lucy/ Lucy and Ethel at the Chocolate Factory (S2, E1), Paramount+, and asked our thoughts on the message that was being conveyed. My thoughts were, as a leader, there must be clear guidelines and processes in place to ensure that staff can be successful through the change process. Many also mentioned that Lucy and Ethel, could not keep up with the fast paste of the conveyor belt (the change), and were not given enough information to complete the task of wrapping the chocolates, efficiently and effectively. As nurse leaders, we must always engage staff by providing clear processes and expectations to meet our goals.
Nurse leaders should be willing to abandon individualism, tension, and defensive actions that create barriers in a universe that are constantly changing. We should reposition ourselves in leadership positions that support initiatives to bring about change within our organizations (McKelvie, 2021). The goal at my agency is to strive to be the best leaders in the healthcare industry. We have abandoned the notion of stability and are constantly in a state of continuous change, to provide innovative and quality care. Investing in research, collaboration, coordination, and challenging the status quo, helps disrupt the peace and safety in organizations that continuously strive to change to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce disparities. My organization is very competitive and is always looking at ways to set the bar higher to improve care, practice, and outcomes. To remain competitive in a Quantum world, organizations must be engaged in the complexities of technology, innovation, and regulatory requirements to bring about change (Ackerman et al., 2020). Gone are the days, when organizations can remain stagnant and maintain processes that are considered outdated and ineffective (dead system). Organizations must continuously push the boundaries to create movement and change.
In conclusion, as doctoral-prepared nurse leaders, we must always be ready to upset the stability of our organization to create change and movement. Organizations should continuously push the boundaries to create systems that are continuously changing to meet the demands of innovative care and regulatory compliance.
Ackerman, M. H., Giuliano, K. K., & Malloch, K. (2020). The novation dynamic: Nurse Leader, 18(3), 232–236.
McKelvie, R. (2021). Pushing the boundaries: Consciousness and concerted action in times of quantum change. Nursing Praxis Aotearoa New Zealand, 37(1), 15–15.

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