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May 08, 2023
  1. In Unit 2 you watched Precious Knowledge. LINK: to an external site.Using that, class information, and your text, answer one of the questions below:Post: Now, in your group post a discussion regarding one of these questions. Each person may choose their own topic. Each post must be 5-7 sentences for full credit. 7 pointsRespond: One- two replies per post. If someone has a reply, move to another person’s post making sure everyone has a response. Each reply must respond in 2-3 sentences with something meaningful. [Not simply “Good job” or “I liked what you said.” ] 3 points.If you don’t post, you may not reply.1. In the late 1960s, why did the Chicano Student Walk-outs happen? Were they organized?2. How is Ethnic Studies related to standardized testing and graduation rates? What is the remedy?3. What are some of the student concerns regarding Chicano Studies then vs. now? [use your text] Compare them.4. Who led the charge to shut Mexican-American Studies down and why? What is the government involvement?5. In general, from what you have learned: when is it best to use Latino/a/x? When is the term Chicano/a used? What about using Hispanic? Refer back to What the Hex is Latinx in Unit One and to your text.


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