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Jun 02, 2023
The purpose of
this assignment is to influence health policy through the editorial process.
One written editorial is to be composed to any publication (local, state, or
national) expressing the student’s views and opinions on a public health issue
relevant to public policy. Choose a public health issue of interest to you and
write a formal editorial. Clearly state your position in your editorial and
provide strong supporting evidence and argument. Keep a copy to post under
appropriate assignment for credit.


Evaluation of this
assignment will be based on style (visual presentation, grammar, punctuation,
spelling, sentence structure, etc.) and content (health issue relevant to public
policy. Ese of facts to make case, logical and clear flow. See specifics below: 5pt or 5 % of Grade
Style 2pts
presentation, paragraph use, spacing, font size
Grammar, punctuation,
spelling, sentence structure
One page typed, unless a
compelling argument is presented
Simple language, avoiding
medical jargon as much as possible

Content 3pts Health issue is relevant to current
pending legislation/public policy information.
Student’s position on the
issue is clearly stated.
Support for the position
presented with rationale.
Use of “expert facts” and/or
personal/professional experiences.
Accuracy of information
Logical and clear flow of

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